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Wizzy the Animal Whisperer

written by Anthony Ridgway

and illustrated by Suzan Houching


Ant Ridgway’s new book, Wizzy the Animal Whisperer, is an adventure story about Wizzy the wheelchair, Dan, and friends, James and Sophie.


The book was launched on the

29th of October at The Point, Eastleigh


Well done to Anthony Ridgway who has published his first book. Wizzy is about a boy and his wheelchair. Anthony has had much support from the local community – as well as actor David Suchet – who was at the launch…
Posted by BBC South Today on Monday, 31 October 2016



Wizzy the Animal Whisperer is available to 



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In this photo taken at a progress meeting are Grethe (Ant’s mum), Ant, and Suzan Houching, the artist who illustrated the book.

Oh, and of course, WIZZY, the wheelchair!

Ant has cerebral palsy and has been wheelchair bound all his life, so he has a unique take on life which makes this book very special.

He also has limited sight and hand coordination and writes using a large keyboard and a Dolphin computer programme that speaks each letter out as he types.

Ant’s hearing is acute though, and this works to advantage in a story that is told mostly in dialogue.

Suzan Houching’s wonderful illustrations are full of character, perfectly bringing the story to life.


Here is the first page of Wizzy the Animal Whisperer –
Dan meets Nellie RGB 10cmH 200ppi If I had known how the day would end, I’d never have been bickering with Wizzy over a horse.

The cart horse started as we approached her. Her nostrils flared, eyes widened.


The horse looked at us, ambled over.

“I didn’t know that you could speak horse, Wizzy.”

I can speak to any animal. This one’s known as Nellie.

“When you’ve quite finished boasting how clever you are – oh! er! we’re going into a ditch.”

Oops! Picky, aren’t we?

“It’s a fine start to our farm holiday. You’re always getting us into scrapes.”

True, but I always get us out of them.” 

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