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 The Equestrian Art of Alan Langford   


a Little Knoll Press

record breaker in book launch sales.

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We lost count of the number of people who came to Alan Langford’s book launch on Saturday 31st October at The Herald, Hythe.

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Suffice it to say that over 120 copies of WELGORA sold that morning, and Alan showed no sign of writer’s cramp – in fact at the end of his marathon session he was busy sketching a friend’s baby in the front page of a book.

12 - 'THe Vardo' oil painting with Alan & customer cropped 12cmH 400ppi DSC06569

‘WELGORA’ is the Romany (gypsy) word for ‘horse fair’, a recurring theme in Alan’s life story and in the sketches and paintings within the book.

Alan brought several paintings to the launch, including the large oil painting ‘The Big Vardo’. This painting features on the book’s front cover and it shows a traditional Romany ‘vardo’ (gypsy caravan) driving out of the Romany camp (atchin tan) at Stow-on-the-Wold Horse Fair.

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Friends, fellow artists and many others who had heard of the book gathered to celebrate.

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Among them were Liz and Steve Gregory, the wife and son of Doug Gregory DFC, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Doug had been an important influence on Alan as his art teacher at secondary school. Both Doug and Alan were delighted when the publication of Doug’s book AEROADDICT brought them together again in November 2013.

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08 - Paula selling to Gervase cropped 12cmWv 400ppi DSC06702

Louise and Paula from The Herald had a busy morning with sales.

Those familiar with Little Knoll Press may recognise the artists Suzan Houching and Gervase Gregory buying their copies of Alan’s book. Gervase’s book A Lifetime in Postcards was the first New Forest artist’s book, followed earlier this year by the second, Suzan’s book My Story in Colour.


02 - A signing with Janet cropped 12cmW 400ppi DSC06691

Alan’s wife, Janet, (standing next to Alan in the photo) is also an artist who paints small pictures and miniatures in acrylics. She shares Alan’s love for the New Forest, its villages and animals.  

In WELGORA Alan writes about the time when they shared a studio in the village of Winsor … ‘Janet insisted that a single wall panel, four feet across, was sufficient exhibition space for her work.’

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10 - Alan signing for man & daughter cropped 12cmW 400ppi DSC06635

11 - Alan with bearded man cropped 12cmW 400ppi DSC06645

There is only enough space here to show a few of the people who came to the launch.

To them and to those who are not featured, a big ‘Thank You’ for coming and making it a very special day.

You can buy copies of WELGORA at The Herald, Hythe, from www.LittleKnollBookshop.co.uk and for those who know him, from Alan.

I’ll let you know about more places that stock the book in the future.


ISBN: 978-0-9927220-6-7


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