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The Strange History of Seagulls

written and illustrated by

Maldwin Drummond

ISBN: 978-0-9935078-0-9

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The Strange History of Seagulls 
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The book launch for this new children’s picture book was held at The Jolly Sailor, Ashlett, on Saturday 19th November 2016.


A better place could not have been chosen, as Maldwin’s stories – ahem! the seagulls’ stories – start with the landing of Vikings at Ashlett Creek in the year 839.


Here, a Viking thrust an ash stave into the ground, which grew into a tree and gave the place its name.


Now, there is an old Nordic myth that those who eat the fruit of an ash thus planted by a Viking will find they can speak and understand ‘seagull’ … here hangs the history of The Waterside narrated by George, the historian of seagulls, and his descendants.

 Gervase Gregory’s postcard of The Jolly Sailor from his book A Lifetime in Postcards.aslett-creek-ggs-pcard-with-outline-rgb

 Each page is illustrated with Maldwin’s characterful watercolour sketches of the seagulls and their adventures.




Maldwin signing books at the launch of ‘The Strange History of Seagulls’

Maldwin Drummond OBE has always been immersed in the history and ecology of The Waterside, the area between the New Forest and the Solent, originally described by Maldwin as the place ‘where the sea meets the land’.

The seagulls’ stories of this wonderful place beside the Solent range from how Ashlett got its name, to how the Brambles were formed, how sailing ships re-victualled at Cowes, how smugglers collected their contraband, how war struck the British coast, how peace allowed seabirds to thrive, how The America’s Cup race has become faster with the use of foils, and much, much more.

So next time you go to the beach, listen hard, you might hear the seagull’s call, “Kyow, kek-kek-kek-kyau. Kyow-ko!” and find you can understand!


‘Sweetwings’ in his dazzle plummage




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