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Front cover 'A Lifetime in Postcards' for Nielsen 22.05.13I would like to share a great review that I’ve just received via the

author and New Forest artist

Gervase A Gregory

on his book

A Lifetime in Postcards,

published by Little Knoll Press in 2013.

ISBN: 978-0-9565359-8-6


For anyone interested in art (watercolour painting) and in the New Forest, here it is (all the way from John Grimley, Toronto, Canada) for you to read:-

‘I think the book is wonderful; it perfectly evokes the mood, pace of life, beauty and variety that is The New Forest and The Waterside. So well prepared and presented, it’s like a tour of the Forest.

I am currently at my desk, in the basement office, devouring your book. I appreciate the OS map references. My wife bought a bound OS atlas at a book sale a while ago for a buck or two – to help with her genealogy – published in 1986. It has helped her and now it is assisting in helping my own memory of places like Lepe, which I have been to countless times. It, along with Hatchet Pond (sic) was my mother and father’s favourite place to go and soak in the scenery.

I shall now return to your book and my nostalgia and will write again soon.’


A3 A Lifetime in Postcards pgs 34 & 35 RGB 18cmW 200ppi

A double page spread from ‘A Lifetime in Postcards’.

You can purchase the book on http://littleknollbookshop.co.uk/a-lifetime-in-postcards-by-new-forest-artist-gervase-a-gergory/

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