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Bk. Signing 03.10.15

Mike Roussel, Author of ‘Pacific Avengers’ and of other books on recent history.

The 15th August 2015 marked the 70th anniversary of VJ Day (Victory over Japan) and in this anniversary year Mike Roussel‘s book Pacific Avengers was launched on the 3rd October at St Andrew’s Church Coffee Lounge in Dibden Purlieu.


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Sub. Lt. (A) Geoffrey Eaton Wright RNVR

Many people who came to the launch had known Geoffrey Eaton Wright as a member of the congregation of St Andrew’s.


Geoffrey has now sadly passed away, but not before recounting to Mike his memories of training and service in the British Fleet Air Arm.


Bk. Signing 03.10.15 (28)

Geoff’s daughter, Janice, and family celebrate with Mike Roussel

Mike had responded to Geoffrey’s daughter’s plea for someone to spend time with Geoffrey when his horizons had become restricted by old age.


76 Damage to carrier 13cmW 400ppiIt was not long before Mike found that Geoffrey had an interesting story to tell – one that had taken place on the other side of the world in the Pacific Ocean where Geoffrey had been a pilot in 857 Squadron with the joint British and American fleet throughout the Pacific Conflict.


When the Pacific War came to its dramatic end, the men who had fought in the Pacific were somewhat forgotten, especially as VE Day had happened some months earlier. Because of this the Pacific Fleet has become known as ‘The Forgotten Fleet’. 


As Doug Gregory DFC (author of AEROADDICT) wrote in the Foreword, ‘I can recommend this book to those whose wish is to discover whether this ‘Theatre of War’ should be classed as ‘Forgotten.’’


You can buy Pacific Avengers (£14.99) from www.LittleKnollBookshop.co.uk  
from Mike Roussel
and from The Herald, Hythe.

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