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MY STORY IN COMy Story in Colour front cover RGB 12cmW 250ppi despeckle, contrast plus9, sharpen,sharpenLOUR

by New Forest artist

Suzan Houching

ISBN: 978-0-9927220-5-0

This new book by New Forest artist, Suzan Houching, was launched on Wednesday 6th May 2015, at Waterstones, Ringwood.

Waterstones, Ringwood.

DSC04994 12cmW 200ppiThe book has taken two years in the writing – and painting – so this was a really big occasion, with over 100 people arriving to celebrate Suzan’s achievement.

It was an all round winner for Waterstones too.

DSC05105 12cmW 200ppiShop manager, Lisa, said that more books were sold on that evening than at any other book launch she can remember in ten years of working for Waterstones!

DSC05089 12cmW 200ppi

MY STORY IN COLOUR is full of stories, paintings, pen and watercolour sketches, and  photos, tracing five generations of Dorset and Hampshire history – Suzan’s grandfather farmed in Dorset before moving to Brockenhurst, her aunt bred the famous New Forest pony ‘Dolly Grey IX’, her parents, and then Suzan and her husband, Ted, ran village pubs, and following this lived in the New Forest, as do their children and grandchildren now.

DSC05122 12cmW 200ppiDSC05070 12cmW 200ppiMany of the launch guests could be found totally absorbed in the book.

DSC05117 12cmW 200ppiQuoting from the Foreword by Hannah Gordon, ‘… as I turned the pages I found myself being immediately drawn into a wonderful, sunny world.

Farm scene with Primrose

When Suzan was a child, her family were busy farming and running the pub, but she preferred to find a quiet place where she could draw and paint.

During an art lesson at school, Suzan was asked to illustrate the scene from Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas, where the postman, Willy Nilly, and his wife are in their kitchen steaming open letters before delivering them.

Red & white It was then that she discovered her love of painting ordinary people going about their business.

The familiarity and quirkiness of Suzan’s paintings will make you smile, and sometimes laugh out loud. Not only her words, but every picture tells a story, some local to the New Forest, but all universal stories too.

You can make a virtual visit to the book launch by clicking on this link


MY STORY IN COLOUR is available to buy from

Waterstones, Ringwood

other Waterstones and bookshops by request

and from www.LittleKnollBookshop.co.uk

A quality full colour 146 page paperback – £17.99

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