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My Story in Colour

Here is the long-awaited new book

in the Little Knoll Press

New Forest artist series






ISBN: 978-0-9927220-0-5



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at Waterstones, Ringwood,

on May 6th

4.30 – 6.30 pm

Waterstones is easy to find, being in The Furlong Shopping Centre – from the A31 take the main roundabout into Ringwood and follow signs to The Furlong Centre. 


42 Paddling with grandad RGB auto levels 14cmW 300ppiMy Story in Colour is a feast of paintings, characters and stories, all touched with the wonderful mix of observation and humour that is so much a part of Suzan Houching. There are over one hundred and ten acrylic paintings, plus numerous pen and watercolour sketches, within the book, all showing Suzan’s lifelong fascination with colour.

Suzan was born into a large family who were engrossed in farming and running pubs; Hockey - Suzan writing RGB sharpenchildhood games with her brothers were boisterous and adventurous (and she describes these with some hilarious illustrations) but Suzan really preferred to find a quiet place where she could paint. It was through an art lesson at school, when she was given an extract from Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas to read through and illustrate, that Suzan discovered her love of painting ordinary people going about their business.

She was absolutely hooked.

Suzan’s mother recognised her passion and ability, and gave her blessing for her to go to art college.

Leafing through the book, you will see that ‘every picture tells a story’ Beach hut 02 10cmW 250ppi RGBand every tale told in Suzan’s original words and photos gives further insight into the lives of rural Dorset and Hampshire folk over five generations.

But these are universal stories too – ones that, wherever you live and work and play, you can identify with and smile.





In 1990 Suzan was a founder member of The Woodlanders, a group of artists, potters and wodcarvers, who exhibit and hold an annual show in Burley Village Hall.

Hannah Gordon, has twice done the honours and opened The Woodlanders Art Exhibition.

Hannah also wrote the FOREWORD for Suzan’s book:

‘It was a cold winter’s afternoon and a parcel had arrived for me. Inside was a folder containing Suzan Houching’s book, My Story in Colour. As I turned the pages I found myself being immediately drawn into a wonderful, sunny world.

Suzan’s book is full of her glorious paintings, each telling a story, or stories, in pictures as well as in words. She seems to be one of those rare people, just as at home with a pen as with a paint brush. Her keen observation of life and the funny things that happen made me laugh. Not every character is necessarily attractive, but all of them are amusingly and kindly portrayed.

Suzan’s generous spirit is obvious to anyone the minute they meet her, just as it was when I first encountered her at a Woodlanders art exhibition. Her book, with so many stories about her big and close-knit family, could make anyone with a small family quite envious, but it is wonderful that she has shared all her experiences with us. It is a book that you can sit down and read, or one that you can dip into.

I shall visit it often and with great pleasure.’

Farm scene with Primrose colour adj 12.5cmH 300ppi RGB sharpen

146 page full colour book


by New Forest artist


ISBN: 978-0-9927220-0-5


From 6th May you can purchase this book from


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