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Front cover 'A Lifetime in Postcards' for Nielsen 22.05.13A Lifetime in Postcards

by New Forest Artist Gervase A Gregory

ISBN: 978-0-9565359-8-6

a beautiful new book from Little Knoll Press


Gervase Gregory’s knowledge and love of the New Forest and Waterside areas shine through his watercolour postcards and his pen portraits of people and events.

Whether you know the places and characters well or not, this book will have you dipping into it again and again.

First look at the postcards that capture in watercolour the places, people and events that make the Forest unique.

Next be drawn into the anecdotes and poems, mainly about things that have happened to Gervase, but with some tales from friends, all woven into a story that is full of wit and wisdom.

Turn the pages once more and you will see the original sketches and paintings done especially for the book, along with a scattering of historical photographs that you will not find anywhere else.

If you are feeling adventurous the book can be your guide as well. Just use the map references to walk (or drive) from one postcard place to the next.

What better way to get to know the New Forest and its Solent shoreline?


A Lifetime in Postcards by New Forest Artist Gervase A Gregory
ISBN: 9780956535986      £14.99

To buy your copy go to www.LittleKnollBookshop.co.uk



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