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Newsletter – Little Knoll Press in 2015

Strangers in Chaotung

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8th Dec 2015
Dear Booklovers
It’s been more than 12 months since I last did a newsletter, so I’ll try to catch you up with what has happened with Little Knoll Press.
I published the first book, Strangers in Chaotung by Winifred Tovey, in 2010 and over the following five years the genre of books from Little Knoll Press has become more defined, I’ve therefore put the books below under their ‘genre’ heading.

'A Lifetime in Postcards' by New Forest artist Gervase A Gregory

To take another look at Gervase’s book click on the picture of the book cover


A Lifetime in Postcards by Gervase Gregory, the first of the series of New Forest artist’s books, is still going strong. It is a lovely book, full of Gervase’s watercolour paintings and stories about local places, people and happenings. I know several people who use it as their New Forest guide book and follow the Ordnance Survey references to go from place to place by car or on foot.  This book has sold far afield too, with copies going to Australia, America and Canada.

My Story in Colour by New Forest artist Suzan Houching

To see more about the book and read Hannah Gordon’s Foreword click on the picture of the book cover

MY STORY IN COLOUR by artist Suzan Houching was launched on 6th May this year at Waterstones, Ringwood. The shop was bursting with people and nearly 100 copies sold on that single evening, with Suzan signing every book and meeting everyone who came.

Suzan works mainly in acrylics on canvas in brilliant colours and usually with a strong dash of humour.

You can also see a short video of Suzan’s book launch on YouTube

Welgora vers10 front RGB 8cmW 600ppi

You can see more about Alan’s book by clicking on the WELGORA book cover picture

WELGORA – the Equestrian Art of Alan Langford, the latest New Forest artist’s book was launched recently on October 31st at The Herald, Hythe. That morning we lost count of the number of people who came to the launch and 123 copies of Alan’s book were sold. Alan had never signed his name so many times!

Alan’s style is yet again very different – he paints mainly large canvases in oils and the subjects of the paintings are full of vigour and movement.

Alan has always been fascinated by horses and their working relationships with people. His paintings powerfully bring this to life, and I think you’ll agree that this quote I spotted at his Easter exhibition in Godshill Village Hall shows the respect that he holds for the humble horse.

Why a hoss is very near a Christian, that know Sunday from weekday. Go you inter the yard a Sunday mornin’, you’ll find ’em all layin’ down. They know very well thass Sunday.’

Alan writes lyrically about the way his art has grown around this special interest and the unique importance of the horse in Romani life – Welgora is the Romani word for ‘Horse Fair’.

Pacific Avengers front cover RGB pcard size

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Sub Lieutenant (A) RNVRGeoffrey E. Wright 857 Squadron 1944(disbanded 1945)

Avenger TI US star


Pacific Avengers – The story of a Fleet Air Arm pilot’s training and service with 857 Squadron in the British Pacific Fleet by Mike Roussel, is a local story, as well as one that will be of interest to anyone whose relatives or friends took part in the Pacific War.

Mike, the author of a number of books on the history of ships and aircraft, responded to a friend’s plea for someone to visit Geoff Wright who was finding life confined to home rather depressing.

In Mike’s words, ‘When I arrived for my first visit I was amazed at the large models of steam engines on display that Geoffrey had made over the years. On the walls there were a number of pictures, and from my interest in aviation I was attracted to a painting of a Grumman Avenger, with the caption underneath:

‘Sub Lieutenant (A) RNVR
Geoffrey E. Wright
857 Squadron 1944 (disbanded 1945)’

Further along the wall I saw a frame with a photograph of a very smart young man in uniform and asked Geoffrey if he was the young man in the photograph.’

Out of the friendship that grew has come Pacific Avengers, both Geoff’s biography and a fascinating account of the Pacific Conflict illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs from that time.

Geoff sadly passed away before the book was published, but his family and friends were proud to see his story in this book.

Aeroaddict front cover for website

To see more click on the picture of the book cover

Aerial of Doug in his S.E.5a for website

Doug flying his S.E.5a

Doug in WW1 uniform - as on back cover of book -for website

Doug in WW1 Bigglesworth RFC uniform, his S.E.5a behind

Doug and Liz Gregory in BBC Radio Solent studio with Katie Martin

The foreword to Pacific Avengers was written by Doug Gregory DFC author on an earlier Little Knoll Press book AEROADDICT – The story of one man’s lifelong love affair with Aeroplanes.

Doug’s story is primarily about his retirement project – building and flying his own replica WW1 aeroplane – an S.E.5a bi-plane. Interwoven with his recent story Doug describes his lifetime obsession with flying and the time he spent as a night fighter pilot during WW2. His love of doing aerobatics led to him getting together with some equally ‘addicted’ pilots who had replica WW1 planes and forming the Great War Display Team.

At the beginning of this year, Doug was no longer flying solo, but he was looking forward to flights with friends, giving talks and attending air shows. Unfortunately it was not to be – having survived over 67 operations over occupied Europe in WW2 and, after his retirement, 25 years of daring dog fight re-enactments with The Great War Display Team, Doug was knocked down by a car near his home. He lost the battle with his injuries and died with his family around him on the 12th April, aged 92.

Ernie Hoblyn, who helped Doug get his bookAEROADDICT ready for publishing, has written about Doug’s life on The Great War Display Team website. To read the tribute click on The Great War Display Team 

AEROADDICT is an interesting read that is full of Doug’s humour, poems and unique photographs from his life.

You can also listen again to Katie Martin’s interview with Doug and his wife Liz on BBC Radio Solent. Click on Interview

To find out more about this book click on the front cover picture

Nikki in the garden at Lewis-Manning Hospice

Nikki’s daughters fundraising at the 2015 R4 Life

In February this year Little Knoll Press also published the autobiographical book A Life Turned UPSIDE DOWN by Nikki Hastings, who passed away in 2014, but not before writing her story about the six years she lived with the diagnosis of terminal cancer.

Nikki was working in children’s Adoption and Placement Services when she was diagnosed, piloting  ‘Lifestory’ work, which has been proven to be important in helping children adapt to major changes in their lives. This encouraged her to write about the time she had left with her two little girls. Her no-holds-barred story is lifted by the colour photos of happy times and by Nikki’s wry sense of humour.

In the book’s foreword, Debra Stephenson (comedienne and voice artist) wrote, ‘I had the privilege of meeting Nikki in 2013 at a fundraising ladies’ lunch in aid of Lewis-Manning Hospice. I say privilege because it is always a privilege to meet someone who is courageous, determined and inspirational, especially someone who has the ability to touch your life through meeting them for the first time. Nikki was certainly special, but in her speech she revealed that she had not always been so positive.’

All the royalties and profit from this publication go to the Lewis-Manning Hospice.

To see more about John’s book click on the picture of the book cover

The Divo choir

African Encounters by John R Pritchard will be the next published memoir book – in fact it is at press as I write.

You will be glad to hear that John is very much alive and continues his keen involvement in events in Africa where he lived for so long. John is also the author of Methodists and their Missionary Societies (two volumes – 1760-1900 and 1900-1996).

John and family were in Africa through interesting times, first with the Methodist Missionary Society over the years 1965 – 1975 when decolonisation and industrial progress were rapidly changing the continent, and then later with the Methodist Church Overseas Division, visiting partner Churches in Africa several times a year to meet, encourage and, and on one visit as an independent observer of the first free election in South Africa. 

Te see more about ‘Jack’s Country’ click on the picture

Jack with his pack pony ‘Ghost’



OLD COUNTRY DVDs with Jack Hargreaves Series 1 (20 programmes) on 4 DVDs

Jack Hargreaves’ Biography & ‘Old Country’ TV Programmes DVD

Another biography book mentioned in my newsletter last November is Jack’s Country by Paul Peacock.  It is the full life story of Jack Hargreaves and, as circumstances often have it, Jack’s story has associations with others – he kept his pony ‘Ghost’, who features in the opening titles of his TV series Old Country, at Suzan Houching’s grandfather’s farm in Brockenhurst. This was back in the days when Jack was making his programmes Gone Fishing and Out of Town for Southern Television, followed by the Old Country series, which was broadcast on Channel 4.

My husband, Dave Knowles, was the film editor on Out of Town, and then, after the franchise was awarded to TVS, Dave was responsible for the independent production and editing (Series 1 & 3) of Old Country.

Jack was an interesting person to work with; having been in radio broadcast before and during WW2, he was later there at the inception of television. Out of Town and Old Country were filmed with just Jack and a single cameraman – no sound, that was dubbed on later, and then Jack went into the studio to make his commentary over the already edited film.

Dave has recently remastered the Old Country series from the originally broadcast medium to DVD. There are 60 programmes in all and Series 1 is ready now as a boxed set of 20 programmes on 4 DVDs.

You can find out more and buy the series by clicking on the picture of the DVD box cover.

Goblins front cover for Nielsen 650pixW

To buy a copy of this adventure story for 6 – 10 year olds click on the book cover picture

Click on the photo to see more of this event.


The Company of Goblins by Celia Leofsy is proving very popular with children and adults. Several schools have adopted it as their class reading book, with teachers using the Reading Guides that can be downloaded from The Company of Goblins website.

Children love the story of twelve-year-old Izzy and her cat, Orlando, who have to solve some tricky and dangerous problems to thwart the Goblins’ plan to take over big business and thence the world. Celia’s style and subject creates a modern myth, described by reviewers as ‘akin to Tolkien and JK Rowling’.

Beaulieu School, in the New Forest, had a wonderful visit from Celia in January, where she ran a lesson on mythology linked to their study of the Anglo-Saxons. 

‘Winter at Shave Green’ by Alan Langford

There are more new books in store for next year, but I will be impressed if you’ve stayed with this long newsletter to get this far, so I’ll save them for next year.

It remains for me to wish you all happiness over Christmas and the very best in 2016.          

                                Jenny  (Knowles)

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