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Suzan Houching, Gervase A Gregory

and Alan Langford

will be taking part in the first ever


to be held by


Saturday July 16th

10am – 12.30pm.

Come and meet the artists, browse their books and chat with them.

. . .

The gallery can be found in Southampton Civic Centre, same entrance as the library and on the first floor with disabled access via the lift.

Each book is written and illustrated by the artist, reflecting his/her unique life story and art.

A Lifetime in Postcards

by Gervase A Gregory

'A Lifetime in Postcards' by New Forest artist Gervase A Gregory

Gervase Gregory is a wonderful watercolour artist and he knows the Waterside and New Forest area extremely well. Through metal detecting he has found many interesting items that reflect local history, some of which are illustrated in his book – a penny of Ecgberht, King of Wessex, 802 – 839 AD, found near Totton, lead tokens discovered on the Solent shore embossed with the letters ‘HA’ standing for Henry Adams shipbuilder of Buckler’s Hard, a cast iron barrow wheel from the old brickworks not far from Beaulieu, and a Saxon coin found on the edge of Southampton Water. Gervase takes the reader page by page on journeys through the area – in fact quite a few people use his book as a tour guide.

My Story in Colour

by Suzan Houching

My Story in Colour by New Forest artist Suzan Houching

In Suzan’s paintings and stories you will recognise many places in the New Forest and Dorset, but most of all her pictures are about everyday life, depicting scenes that are familiar to all of us with all their characters, oddities and idiosyncracies – and they are really guaranteed to make you smile. Suzan loves bold colour and patterns. Her lively artistic style struck a cord with Hannah Gordon, who wrote in the foreword to the book, ‘Suzan seems to be one of those rare people, just as at home with a pen as with a brush. Her keen observation of life and the funny things that happen made me laugh. I found myself being immediately drawn into a wonderful, sunny world.’


by Alan Langford

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Alan’s book is again quite different. He has written about his first memories as a small child in a caravan park in Dibden, his fascination for the New Forest ponies and all horses, his love of drawing and how after a spell of labouring in Australia he returned to work at Fawley Refinery, going to night school to study art. Through his powerful paintings of working horses and their human owners he has gained immense respect, especially from Romany people. Alison Wilson, reviewer for the Society of Equestrian Artists, wrote, ‘His drawings and paintings have great energy and movement, but not only that, they tell the stories of people, of horses, in some cases of a vanishing lifestyle.’

Alan’s interest in equestrian art was the trigger for the ‘Nags to Thoroughbreds‘ exhibition in Southampton Art Gallery in 2012 which included one of Alan’s large oils.

This signing event in Southampton Art Gallery provides a wonderful link between our local art collection and the work of contemporary artists from the area.

A warm welcome will be there for everyone who can come.

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